Who is Savage at Peace?

Savage at Peace - I AM A SAVAGE AT PEACE. If you knew me before I started this 4SAP journey a few years ago, you would know I didn’t have any sense of direction with my life. From getting arrested countless times and being on probation, I learned that I truly needed inner peace. I needed to change my life, and the direction in which it was headed. So I cut that track and started a new one. I figured why not dive into what I love. I always wanted to own a clothing brand the way P did. I thank God for all the challenges and obstacles I’ve had to overcome. Lots of long nights, tears, headaches, dyed hands, & destroying the house to make clothing and so on. I hope everyone finds true inner peace and get on ya marathon once you found your purpose. For so long I just put my head down and got to work, hoping when I looked up again I’d be somewhere positive with all of this. What was once just a dream in jail cell, is now  manifesting into reality. - 1Luv