A Reading Nook @ Art Basel 2022

A Reading Nook @ Art Basel 2022

Savage at Peace was fortunate enough to be invited to our first Art Basel at

The Shoebox in Miami's Wynwood District. A dream of many and opportunity of a lifetime, we felt we couldn't let this moment pass without our best imprint.

What's more important than self care & knowledge? A place special to you where you can go to and find your peace? To a home, A Reading Nook is symbolic of this. A place of solitude usually filled with books and a reading chair. We wanted to evoke the same emotion and individuality when you enter our installation. To retain the individuality aspect we kept one chair as the focal point.You'll notice there are hand dyed Stussy's to grace the floor as a book worm would have books fluttered on theirs, or even the Stussy line up on the wall to represent a bookshelf. This installation looks so simple, yet provided so many challenges along the way that you wouldn’t believe. in the end, a lesson learned:

There's always a place for peace.

- Love,


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